Artificial Grass and Cancer Risk Link

3rd March 2016 |  | posted in News

We have been asked a number of times about the link of cancer to artificial grass. There has been a huge amount of publicity recently regarding the link of artificial grass and cancer.  This publicity has been primarily aimed at sports pitches such as football, hockey and rugby and a recent article from the Daily Mail can be seen by CLICKING HERE

This is a hugely important question to look at as the health of our children and family is the most important thing to consider in everything we do.  Whilst the evidence is very emotional and certainly not proven we must consider the risk and we would welcome any research that the manufacturers, trade associations and sport governing bodies can undertake to either dispell the rumours or make steps to ensure there is no risk.

What we can say with as much certainty as possible is that our artificial grass ranges do not contain any of the rubber granuels that are being linked to the occurrences of cancer and all of our products are lead free. They are made with common man made fibres that are found in everyday products such as flooring, textiles, packaging and even underwear!

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