Is Artificial Grass Fire or Flame Resistant or Fire Proof?

10th May 2016 |  | posted in News

As summer 2016 fast approaches and artificial grass continues to become the first choice for many people in their strive to have the perfect looking garden with a realistic fake lawn we are often asked are there any drawbacks with artificial grass.

Some people have concerns regarding the safety of artificial grass when it comes to whether it is flammable, fire resistant or fire retardant and this can actually be a crucial factor in finally deciding if artificial grass is the right choice or not. Clearly, anything that is a fire hazard should be avoided at all costs but fortunately artificial grass is not flammable and this means it is an ideal solution to be used in the home, garden or at events.

However, a word of caution is required.  As artificial grass is made up of synthetic materials it can melt if it comes in contact with hot objects.  As a result precautions should be taken to ensure that anything hot remains as far away from the artificial grass as possible from features such as the BBQ, fire pits, fireworks, etc. Caution must also be applied with discarded cigarettes as they will likely leave a burn mark where it is dropped but this will not spread or turn into a fire.

Filling the artificial grass with in-fill sand will make the product perform even better for not only retention of looks but also fire resistant properties as the sand will act as a type of extinguisher making it more fireproof.

Below is a great video from one of Eurpoe's leading artificial grass manufacturers Oryzon and while it shows how good there new X Tinguish range is (hopefully coming soon to the UK!) it also shows how little a standard grass burns even when being burnt directly with a gas blow torch!


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